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~ Cute Persian Kittens ~
Unionville, MO, USA
  Sue Johnson
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Are you looking for a breeder who focuses primarily on EXQUISITE HEALTH? One who's been around the test of time? One who specializes in the traditional baby Doll-faced Persians? Well then, your search is over!!! Cozy Kitten Cattery has been breeding just these types for the past 19 years. (You don't stay around that long unless your doing something VERY RIGHT!) We pride ourselves in the most extremely healthy fur-babies humanly possible. Adopting a pet online can be very scary and knowing your in the right hands when there are thousands of cattery websites to choose from can make it even more scary. But one aspect that should stand out loud & clear....EXPERIENCE MATTERS!!! Step into the wonderful world of Cozyville where the dedication to WONDERFUL HEALTH comes first and foremost and always has for the past 19 years. ALL our kittens are "DOLL-FACED" which means Persians with the longer noses and not the extreme flat faces and all loving raised in our home with children & endless hours of TLC! Our kittens are known world wide for their exceptionally sweet and affectionate personalities. Cute Persian Kittens is State Licensed Cattery, upholding and exceeding all government requirements & guidelines. We are also a CFA & TCCI Cattery of Excellence as well as a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. (Shop & adopt with assurance!!) Cozy Kitten Cattery is the proud producer of Mr. Bigglesworth in Austin Powers 3!!! Check out our website for description, D.O.B. & price & photos of each available Cozy Kitten.....BE PREPARED TO BE AMAZED!!!!!!
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