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West Virginia

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~ By Heavenly ~
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Sutton, WV, USA
  Brenda morton
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Caleb-Cats - Himalayans and Persians most colors including Chocolate, and lynx point. Basic Member Upgrade

By Dezign - Quality, CFA Himalayan, Persian, and Exotic kittens available to loving pet homes. Located in WV. Basic Member Upgrade

Country Mountain Persians - PKD negative... Solids and Parti-colors available. Basic Member Upgrade

Adonai's Way Cattery - We raise doll-faced silver and golden Persians, himalayans, and miniatures Persians. CFA. PKD DNA negative. Basic Member Upgrade

Cherishable Paws - We breed adorable Persians and Himalayans focusing on all Color Points, solids, and bi-colors. Basic Member Upgrade

Paws-of-Love - We breed adorable Persians and Himalayans focusing on all Color Points and solids. Basic Member Upgrade

GreatOaks - We are a small cattery located in wv we have Doll-Face Himalayan Persians and Traditional Siamese. Basic Member Upgrade


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