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~ AngelicalPaw Persians ~
Morristown, TN
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We've been specializing in the beautiful chinchilla's silvers Persians and white Persians for about 20 years now. Working with Awesome bloodlines with Grand Champion and Regional winning bloodlines, striving to get show cats out of each baby. Our cats live in our home getting the best of the best, first Love, grooming everyday, organic diet, spring water and vitamins. All our adult breeders have had all their shots, testing done on every feline disease, and are in the best health, we are a PKD negative Cattery. We spend a lot of time on socializing babies as soon as there born there held daily. Having the best personalities before leaving. We are a small CFA cattery, only working on quality not quantity, the lines were working with is Ultamint, Sunnybeach, Aritzia, Chantarabe's, Myaticstar in our chinchilla silvers, in our Whites, Revillion, Southpaw, Bolo, and Barmont, Cattrax, Spellbound. We only sell to non- cageless catteries, most of our babies go into pet homes for our babies well being. Our goal here is to produce the Lovely Angelic Chinchilla Silver Persians & White Persians with small ears, short-cobby body's, expressive eyes -beautiful eye color with a very special Angelic look. We Thank you for visiting Angelical Paw Cattery, visit us again to see new updates on babies. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you in his loving arms.

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~ Bradpurr Cattery ~
Knoxville, TN, USA
I have a small cattery in Tn where I have been breeding and showing cats for over 25 yrs. I breed not only for the show standard but also for personality and big wide open expression with those huge round eyes. For the kittens safety, they are caged until they are six weeks of age but thereafter are free to run the house at will. They are PKD negative and come with a health guarantee,all their shots and, in the case of pets, are spayed/neutered. My cats are from National winning lines that have allowed me to produce show winners for myself.So besides my darling pets, I have breeder and show kitty available too. I specialize in lynx points in the tortie, blue cream, seal and blue point patterns and will be adding flame pts in the near future. All of my cats are raised with attention to optimum nutrition in a chemical free environment and that makes for healthier, happier babies. Please stop by my website for information on how you can do this too, but to see more pictures of available cats.

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~ Rimer's Royal Persians and Himalayans ~
Nashville, TN, USA
 Jaime Rimer
We specialize in semi to extreme face Persians and Himalayans. Never caged! Raised as part of our family.

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~ Royal Green Cattery ~
Murfreesboro, TN, USA
  Brenda Green
  800-316-9570 ext 2
Royal Green Cattery is dedicated to providing healthy and high quality, beautiful kittens with sweet temperaments. We raise Exotic, Himalayan and Persian kittens but our focus is primarily on the Exotics at this time. We are also developing a chocolate line of Exotics. Please let us know what you are looking for. We want to help you find the kitten that is just right for you! Royal Green is a CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) registered cattery.

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~ Show Felines Cattery ~
Crossville, TN, USA
  Judith Heath
Welcome to Show Felines Cattery! We have been awarded the CFA Cattery of Excellence Award for 6 consecutive years. We also serve on the CFA Breed Council. We show our very best cats and adhere to the CFA Persian Breed Standard in our program. Our titles given by judges tell us we are right on track in our program. Our kittens and cats are cageless with freedom to roam within the house and become very socialized. They are handled often and used to grooming before sold. We are 100% PKD negative and only breed negative cats. We are FELV/FIV negative, parasite free, and sell with a one year health guarantee. On a regular basis we have Vet visits or go to the Vet for wellness health of our kittens/cats. Our kittens/cats enjoy a home with a terrific lake view on their own screened in porch during nice weather. We treasure our Persians and we screen buyers to make sure they go to good homes. We sell at pet price with neuter/spay agreement. We sell breeders rights to the right breeder/show home. We ship through the Delta Airlines Pets First program from Knoxville (temperature and climate controlled environment). We hope to hear from you soon and please enjoy our website!

Sweet Pea Cattery - We are a small cageless in-home cattery breeding CFA and TCA registered Persian and Himalyan kittens. The kittens are cared for by our whole family. Please visit us to see our babies! Basic Member Upgrade

Spendesi - National/Regional winning lines, specialize in high white bi-colors but have solids, parti-colors and tabbies too. Basic Member Upgrade

Feline Fancy Faces - My name is Heather. I live in the Southeast Tennessee/Northern Georgia area. I have been a lover of Persian cats for over 15 years. All of my Persians are just like my children. They are raised insid. Basic Member Upgrade

Over the Top Gems Silver Persians - Gorgeous Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

Pawznthesand - Persian kittens for sale in memphis, tn. Basic Member Upgrade

Royal Green Cattery - Exotic, Himalayan, Pure Persian kittens. Basic Member Upgrade

Pink Palace - Show and breed Persians and Exotics in CFA. Basic Member Upgrade

OLVIA cattery - OLVIA cattery. Top Quality Himalayan & Persian Kittens for sale in Knoxville Area! Affordable prices, outstanding quality kittens! Basic Member Upgrade

Starr Purrs - We are a cage-free Persian, Himalayan, and Burmilla breeder. We deliver your kitten to you (TN, AK, OK, TX, GA, NC, SC)! Basic Member Upgrade


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