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South Africa

ChaCha Persians - Breeder working with mostly imported lines. Bicolour, tabby, solid, shaded. Basic Member Upgrade

DIVINE FLAME PERSIANS - Affectionate persians, top blood lines, Tabby Dilute Bi-Colours, Harlequins, Solids. Basic Member Upgrade

Chattapaws Persians - Top Show Persian Cats and Kittens. Basic Member Upgrade

L'Unique Persians - Registered cattery breeding solids and bicolors. Basic Member Upgrade

La Yen Cattery - Breeder of Persians & Himalayans. Basic Member Upgrade

Carmandale Persians - Small PKD dna negative in house cattery; specialising in breeding healthy, profound persians with carefully selected imported and local bloodlines. Basic Member Upgrade

Caziggi - Top quality. Basic Member Upgrade

ChaCha Persians - Breeding Bicolour, Highwhite, with or without tabby,Silver and Solids. Basic Member Upgrade


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