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Red & Point - 6-month himalaynas red point and cream point males and a tortie female, PKD-DNA negative parents,FIFe pedigrees, passports and vaccinations, lovely kittens . Basic Member Upgrade

Sepis*Pl - Persian & exotic cattery, spec. in bicolours & solids. Basic Member Upgrade

ALMATHEA - smokes & solids pure persian cattery, FIFe & CFA registered, PKD/DNA negative. Basic Member Upgrade

Selcia - Koci Domek - Doll face Persian. Excellent pedigrees, CFA registered, vaccinated, loving and lovable. Silky coats, expressive eyes, beautiful mascara. Please stop in and please visit our stunning cats. Basic Member Upgrade

Nanona-Cat*PL - Persian & Himalayan Catery. Basic Member Upgrade

ARCHIDVX - BLUE ODD/EYED - van, harlequin, white solid. Basic Member Upgrade

Catmadness *Pl - Persian cattery. Bi-colour, harlequin and van. We have kitten's. Basic Member Upgrade

JAGUARUNDI *PL - Persian & Exotic Cattery - specialized in tabby - solid and bicolour. Basic Member Upgrade

Bagira*PL Persians & Exotics



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