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~ Over The Rainbow ~
The Haque, Netherlands
 Henk and Karin Mittemeijer
We breed Persians since 1993.We Love very much the Tabbies with and without white and you can see this on our website. Our cats live in our home and are a part of our family. Henk en Karin Mittemeijer(cattery Over The Rainbow) The Netherlands.

Almerians - Breeder of Exotic and Persians in solid, tabby and with and without white. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Cores Vivas - Small cattery with sweet and social persians. Basic Member Upgrade

Kesanja - Basic Member Upgrade

NEW STARS persians - Basic Member Upgrade

Van IJdoorn - We are a cageless cattery near Amsterdam. And we breed Persians and Exotics in silver and golden. Basic Member Upgrade

Cora Beets Cattery Falabella - Persian cattery in the colours chinchillas, shaded silvers and himalyans. Basic Member Upgrade

Iwanda Persians - Persian breeder especially in whites and solids. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Zanado Exotics & Persians - Cattery Zanado Exotic & Persian show and breeder cats . Basic Member Upgradee

Casa Batalla - Himalayans & Exotics- CFA cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

Xarana - Persian Cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

Wandou - For Bi/Particolours, Harlequins & Vans. Basic Member Upgrade

la Patronne Persians - Bi Colour & Solid Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

Xarana - We got our first Persian cat in 1996, with which we bred our first litter. From then on the love for Persians and Exotic Shorthairs has grown into a beautiful hobby. Although we consider showing as ve. Basic Member Upgrade

Barbetta - EXOTICS. Basic Member Upgrade

La Traviata Exotics - A no caging cattery where kittens are raised underfoot in the livingroom with TLC. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Salediga - I have always had a love for persians and have been able to turn a dream into reality by starting up a cattery! I breed social, healthy beautiful persians. They grow up together with our kids!. Basic Member Upgrade


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