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Miro Cattery - I'm a small cattery located in Italy. I specialize in solid and particolor persians. CFA registered. Please take a visit at our webpage! Basic Member Upgrade

GUELFO BIANCO - A cattery of lovely himalayan persians and exotic in Italy. Basic Member Upgrade

Tombrock - Persian and Exotics cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

Aequinoctium Cattery - We breed persians and exotics in golden and silver color (chinchilla, shaded, tabby). take a look to our web site. Basic Member Upgrade

VALMORI'S PERSIANS - Small breeding Persians Bicolors since 1990. Basic Member Upgrade

QUEEN CALICO - small cattery persian and exotic. Basic Member Upgrade

Precious Paws - Persian colourpoint or himalayan cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

Oro di bisanzio - gorgeous Chinchilla Golden perser Cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

7 Fontane Cattery


Cassilia Persians

Corallo Persiani

Diapason Persians

FŽanor's Persians

GATTAKA - Persians & Exotics

Myricae Silvers


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