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Chrysoberyl Persian Cattery - Bi color,Tabby & Solid Persians, CFA reg. FIV, FELV & PKD DNA tested negative. Basic Member Upgrade

Uberwald-cat Himalayan - Himalayan & Exotic cattery, blood lines Sandypaws, Peaceful Paws, Purrpals. White CPC males Blue Eyed Available. Basic Member Upgrade

Galax-cat Basic Member Upgrade

Enchantedpaw Persians - Himalayans - Established in the year 2000 CFA registered, Using lines from Sandypaws, Playwickey, Teahs, Oakheaven, Steeplechase, Tehy and some of the well known European lines as Tombrock and Mariposas. Basic Member Upgrade

Amazing Eyes Catterie - Golden Shaded and Chinchilla Golden PERSIANS. Basic Member Upgrade

Sirenia - Himalayan cats cattery. CFA + WCF registration. PKD free cattery. Basic Member Upgrade


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