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~ Brettachtal ~
Bretzfeld, Germany
  Karin Sinn
Persian chinchilla, silver and golden (also bluesilver and bluegolden) breeder with 30 years experiences - located in Germany, we ship breeder/show kittens worldwide. PKD negative cattery!  CFA cattery of excellence - for more info please visite our website.

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~ De Lindar's Persians ~
Menden, Germany
De Lindar's Persians is a small CFA registered cattery in Germany, specialized in beautiful solid, particolor and whites persians. The cats we offer for sale are our babies that are lovingly raised in our home and are a family members. Our goal goal in breeding and showing is to produce sweet, happy and well socialized Persians, that meet the standard of CFA. Kittens sold as pets come with a spay/neuter agreement or already spayed/neutered. Worlwide shipping or Delivery service (Delivery service if by buyers desired) available. Please have a look at our website for more photos and detailed information about available cats and kittens, and feel free to contact us.

Schokovita - Persian in chocolate. Basic Member Upgrade

*LOVELY MOON* Cattery - We have a small cattery located in Germany. We breed Persians and Exotic Shorthair with a sweet personality. All our Cats are DNA PKD negative tested. Our Cattery is CFA reg. Basic Member Upgrade

Spreewaldperser - Small Himalayan breeding With good blood lines, PKD DNA neg. Basic Member Upgrade

Magic Planet Persians - We have a small cageless persian cattery located in Germany. Our cats are all PKD DNA neg. or from neg. parents. We breed persians since 2005 in the colors solid, bico, especially in van. Basic Member Upgrade

HIGHTIME-CATS - I breed persians in the colour solid and bicolor. Our cats are PKD- negative by DNA-TEST. We only shows CFA. From time to time we have TOP-Showkittens available. Basic Member Upgrade

Cosydream-Persian - We have a small, cageless cattery and all our cats are tested for PKD, FeLV and FIV. We are breeding smokes, bicolour smokes and bicolours. You are welcome! Basic Member Upgrade

EL Shetlajas Persians - CFA registered & PKD tested cattery located in Germany , breeding quality Persians - specializing in bi-colour van/harlequin patterns dominant and dilute with a very lovely Personality. Basic Member Upgrade

Tabby Tiger - We breed Persian-cats with and without white. Basic Member Upgrade

Marada's Persians - Persians specializes in high white bicolors with sweet expression and personality. I breed with exc. lines and PKD-DNA negative cats. Basic Member Upgrade

Luna-Star - Solid, particolor and smoke. Basic Member Upgrade

Silverdance - I breed pure persians in smoke, solid and cameo. Basic Member Upgrade

Demetama Persians - Demetama is a small cageless Cattery in Germany near Stuttgart breeding solid. My Cats are PKD DNA negative and CFA reg. Basic Member Upgrade

Delarosu - We are a small Cattery in the near from Munic. We breed Bicolor with and without tabby. Basic Member Upgrade

Flatliners Cattery Basic Member Upgrade

My Label - Persians in smoke, cameo and silver tabby, cattery located in germany. Basic Member Upgrade

Lady Sunset's Perser - Small FIFE reg. cattery in Germany - Chinchilla/Silver & Golden Shaded Persians - PKD DNA neg. Basic Member Upgrade

Diamondtigers - Persian cats in golden silver chinchilla bluegold and silver and cameo . Basic Member Upgrade

Silverdance - Small cageless CFA reg. cattery. I breed pure persians in smoke, solid and cameo. All cats are PKD DNA negative and FIV/FELV negative tested. Quality for Quantity. Basic Member Upgrade

Guinans - Tabby-white & solid-white, CFA reg. PKD DNA negativ. Basic Member Upgrade

SmoChoc-Persians Germany - CFA registered Persians, award winning lines from Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. Special chocolate, lilac, cream, rare smokes, bi-colours, whites. Himalayans as well. Basic Member Upgrade

Sheraton's Persian & Exotic Shorthair - We have a small PKD DNA tested Cattery in Germany we breed, bico, silvertabby and solid. Basic Member Upgrade

Pele Mele-Cats - My CameoCats - I breed - High Quality Persians - cameo*shaded*smoke* silvertabbys - chocolate & lilac smoke. Basic Member Upgrade

Lady Basket's Persians - Small cageless cattery in Germany. I breed persians in the color tabby, tabby-white, bicolor and solid. I breed persians since 30 years. Basic Member Upgrade

Planet Love Cattery - Persian in harlekin & van , Harwood , Candirand , Jubileum linies. Basic Member Upgrade

PALMA NOVAS - Persians in solid/particolor, bicolor/calico. Breeding since 1983, CFA reg. cattery. PKD1 DNA neg. Exc. lines. Serious inquiries welcome. Basic Member Upgrade

Haendel's - Persians in solid, bicolor, tabby. Basic Member Upgrade

Sheraton's Persian & Exotic Shorthair Cattery - We have wonderful Persian Kittens from PKD DNA negativ Parents for Sale. In brwonatbby and silver tabby. Basic Member Upgrade

Phalkean's - Phalkean's is a CFA reg.,PKD,FeLV & FIV negativ tested Cattery.Our goal is creating healthy & stunning show kittens. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Rheingoldcat`s Persian - Amazing Dollface Persian Kittens in chinchilla, silver, blue golden ! CFA reg. 10 years experience, exclusive bloodlines with multiple Best in Show! Kitten available! Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Oude Speeldoos - We only have Exotic Shorthairs Basic Member Upgrade

Miramacats - WE breed only with CFA pure persians in hight quality! Basic Member Upgrade

Cuyuni's Himalayan, Persian & Exotic Shorthair - We are a CFA registered Himalayan and Persian/CPC & Exotic Shorthair Cattery. We breed all colours including choc series and lynx (tabby) Basic Member Upgrade

Cosydream - Breeding Smokes, Bi-Colours and Vans. PKD tested breeding cats. All kittens loving raised in our home Basic Member Upgrade

Piesker - CFA- and PKD-DNA registered tested Cattery !!! Breeding of solid,bicolor van. Basic Member Upgrade

Rosepearls Persian - Small Cattery of Persiancats in the Colors Bicolor, Calico and with Tabby, CFA and TICA registered and PKD negative. Basic Member Upgrade

KARINA - Chocolate and Lilac Bicolor Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

Starshinecastle & Starcastle - We breed pure persians in smoke, solid & Bi-colour. Basic Member Upgrade

AVIS RARA - Persian and Exotic Shothair cattery. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery of Lilien-Palace - We are breeder of persian cats in the colour chinchilla and silver-shaded.We live near munich /bavarian/ germany. CFA reg. and PKD free.More info about us please take a look at our homepage. Basic Member Upgrade


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