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~ Les Edenrocs ~
Bretagne/Finistere, FRANCE
  Sandra Bourhis
  0033 2 98 82 05 31
Small cattery of persians chinchilla silver and golden.pkd negative cattery.located in France. We want to work on three looks for our babies: "the doll" ,"the typey" and "the very typey" for more infos please visit our website petite chatterie familiale de persans chinchilla silver et golden.Testée pkd negatif fiv felv negatif. Pour plus d'infos vous pouvez visiter notre site.

Chatterie du Gorbeh d'Isfahan - Little family cattery in France, for persians golden, blue golden,chinchilla, silver, my house is the cattery, my cat go and play everywhere in the house. No cage at home ... only pleasure for my cats. Basic Member Upgrade

Abbarides Cattery - CFA cattery, we live in Provence, south of France, we breed Persians and Sphynxes for shows and breeding. Our Persians are PKD negative Dna tested, our Sphynxes CMH tested. Basic Member Upgrade

Soleiadou - Small cattery south of france breeding high white persians for shows and breeding pkd free. Basic Member Upgrade

Pink Sugar Cattery - The Pink Sugar Cattery invite you to discover this passion of the Persian. Basic Member Upgrade

TROIS ELFES - persians. Basic Member Upgrade

Amarantiano - Breeder of Persian chinchilla, silver shaded, golden shell, and blue golden chinchilla. Basic Member Upgrade

Chatterie du Domaine de l'Au - Chinchilla, Silver and Golden Shaded Persian Cat Breeding in France. Basic Member Upgrade

Chatterie des persans mapadi - elevage familial de chat persan et exotic shorthair venez decouvrir nos chats leurs chatons ainsi que nos resultats d expositions felines chatterie teste PKD par ADN. Basic Member Upgrade

ROYAL IDEAL - Exotics & Persians in all colors except chocolat (shaded, tabby, smoke... with or without white). Basic Member Upgrade

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