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LaFlauer - Small cattery, where my cats are beloved members of the family. Basic Member Upgrade

Baltic Bay - Small cageless FIFE reg. cattery. I breed persians in smoke, solid, tabby and bicolor. PKD DNA negative tested. Basic Member Upgrade

Westpoint - Persians & Hiamalayans since 1980. Breeding Chocolate, Lilac & Bicolour. PKD DNA Negative tested cattery. All cats lives as members of the family. Reg. with CFA & FIFE. Basic Member Upgrade

DK*Sacala´s - Smalle cattery, whit healty and wonderfull cats. Breed in solid, tabby and silver. Basic Member Upgrade

Steenelse - Pure Persian Carrier Odd / Blue Eyed on all kitten.Van Harlequeen,Bicolour. Basic Member Upgrade

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