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Samara, Russia
We would be very grateful if you visit our cattery bicolor Persian and exotic cats are happy to answer all your questions.

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~ TITBIT cattery ~
Krasnodar, Russia
Dear cat friends, I'd like to invite you to look at NEW bi- color Exotic Shorthair & Persians(ELH) kittens of TITBIT cattery from DNA PKD-negative parents. You can find them photos on my site in the section "Kittens for sale". For more info, please write to me privately.

Ruslana - Cattery working with bicolor Exotic and Persian cats. PKD tested and CFA registered. Pictures, pedigrees and kittens for sale. Basic Member Upgrade

Daily Joy - I offer kittens persian and exotic from mine catteri (Daily joy-CFA) Basic Member Upgrade

SWEETCOUPLE - Persian and Exotic Basic Member Upgrade

VitalAndion - Himalayan & Exotic SHOW Quality /Color point, Tabby, Bi-Color. CFA. PKD/DNA negative. Lines:Teahs, Purringwood, De-Miara, Prancenpaws, Jovan, Becton, Pajean, Catillak, Harwood, Brannaway Basic Member Upgrade

PartHeart cattery - Small CFA reg. PKD neg. cattery. Working with top persian and exotic lines. Basic Member Upgrade

VITAS LITTLE - Persian and Exotic Sh. cattery PKD neg. and CFA reg. Solid,Tabby and Bi-colors. Basic Member Upgrade

Ximuly - SH Exotics bi-color PKD DNA Negative CFA Registered. Basic Member Upgrade

SAN-Eugeni - Himalayan and Exotic cattery. Bloodlines from popular CFA catteries. Chinchillas and color-points. Reg in Professionl Cat Assembly (PCA). Basic Member Upgrade

HOHLOMA - Persian & Exotic cattery. Reg. CFA. Bi-color & Calico colors. Basic Member Upgrade

Polar Bear - Persians & Exotics: Solids, Bicolors, Tabbies (incl. Silver Tabbies) Basic Member Upgrade

Toy Tricksy - Persian and Exotic cattery. We specialize on bi-colors, van, harleguin Basic Member Upgrade

AISALIN - Himalayn and Exotic cattery. PKD negative tested cattery. Specialization in chocolate and lilac colours. Basic Member Upgrade

Demanch - Breeding exo SH cats 17 years, bi-color, without smoke,silver, CPC , reg.CFA, DN A tests. Bloods: Calivan, Spellbound, Parti Wai , Bocasana,Vickits,Boberan, Candirand, Bryn Mawr, Sugarspun. Basic Member Upgrade

Sweet Charm - Sweet Charm produces exclusively Persian of bi-color , tabby and solids color. Basic Member Upgrade

Edner - Edner produces exclusively Persian of bi-color and solids color. Basic Member Upgrade

Persian & Exotic Cattery IRLINS - The cattery is engaged in cultivation of Persian and exotics, marble and bicolor colors. Website-information on breeds, articles and tips, photos and videos adult animals cats, kittens for sale. Basic Member Upgrade

ALONSO Cattery - A small Cattery - Exotic and Persian, registration in CFA. Specializing in Bi-Color, Calico, Tabby. DNA PKD negative. Basic Member Upgrade

TIGRIS AMIGO - Cattery "Tigris Amigo" is registered in CFA ¹ 204616 sells Himalayan & Exotic kittens for the soul, breeding and show. Excellent health of the kittens is guaranteed Basic Member Upgrade

Dar-Liz - Cattery of Exotics, registration in CFA, DNA PKD negative Basic Member Upgrade


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