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~ Furrbcats ~
Palm Coast, FL, USA
We are a CFA PKD NEGATIVE Cattery of Excellence working with Top Quality Winning National and International Persian,Himalayan and Short Hair Exotic bloodlines. Our goal is to produce "Show Quality kittens" that meet and surpass the Persian Breed Standard and we do not intentionally breed to produce pet quality "Doll face" kittens. Our kittens are bred for Health, Temperament and Quality. The are raised in a home environment, hand fed and supplemented to develop a strong bond with their human care givers. Our babies are Sweet, Well Socialized and they will "LOVE YOU BACK!" OUR BABIES ARE PROVIDED WITH THE BEST NUTRITION, GROOMING AND HEALTH CARE. WE DO NOT CUT CORNERS!!!!! We Specialize in BLUE EYED WHITE PERSIANS that are sound of hearing, HIMALAYANS, BLUE EYED WHITE SHORT HAIR POINTED EXOTICS. In conjunction with COMPRI EXOTICS, we are Proud to Announce out first litters of BLUE EYED WHITE SHORT HAIR EXOTIC KITTENS. Our kittens come with a health guarantee, a USDA Health Certificate and are available to Pet and Show homes. Air transportation with Continental's Pet Safe Cargo available WORLD WIDE. If you are looking for a kitten with "QUALITY THAT SHOWS!" Then please contact me for more details and availability and please visit our website to meet our cats and kittens. Call Barbara: (386) 597-7455 or email: for more information. We hope to hear from you soon.

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~ Mr. Whiskers ~
Mr. Whiskers
Salem, OR, USA
  Tiahna Hillier
We are a small Exotic Shorthair & Persian, CFA show cattery, devoted to excellence. Specializing in tabby & white, calico, bi-color, white & occasionally other color kittens. Healthy, loving, well-socialized. Kittens raised underfoot. CFA Registered, Grand Champion lines. Fungus-free, PDK, FeLV/FIV negative cattery. Sold with a health guarantee. Show, Breeder, Pet kittens available.

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~ Pers n Medow Cattery ~
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Eagle Point, OR, USA
  Vicki Graves
Solids, Bi-Colors, Shaded Silvers and Himilayans

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Dreem Weever Persians - Persian breeder specializing in Solids and whites. Occasional kitten available. Basic Member Upgrade

Persians Of Lark Hill - Beautiful CFA Persians Show and Pet. Basic Member Upgrade

Bludesertgem - Registered Himalayans and Persians. Pet/breeder/show PKD negative,health guarantee. Airline shipping.i will ship pets! Basic Member Upgrade

Blankatz - Shaded Silver Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

PhatKat - CFA Reg. Exotic Shorthairs with winning lines! pet or show, shipping available.pkd neg health guarantee. Basic Member Upgrade

Brenneve Persians - Specializing in beautiful bi-color and calico Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

CHANCERY - National and regional winners. Basic Member Upgrade

Panei Persian & Exotic - Persian & Exotic kittens with Personality Plus ! Healthy & well socialized kitties. Basic Member Upgrade


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