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Calgary, CANADA
  Karen Pratt
  403 948 3697
Long Description: OceanPurrls CFA Reg since 1989, specializing in TOP Healthy qiality White, Van & BiColor Persians for show breedering and top of the line pets. . All with top CFA Grand Champion, Regional ,national winning Pedigree's. We our excuslivly known for the Sweetest looks & Dispositions on our Persians. Raised underfoot in our home with complete love, care& complete attention . I am stay at home and this is my beloved hobby. Vet does VACCINES proof given, plus total health check, deworming ,gentic health ringworm . We take pride in our quality healthy Persians & it shows. !!Come see the difference we have to offer, you wont be dissapointed. We have kittens now available and new litters on their way.

Hyms N Perrs Smoke & Dilute Persians

Pandy Purrs Persians


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Bim Bam Persians - Bim Bam Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

PILL-O-EE Persians - We sell top quality Persians bred for personality, health and beauty. We are a PKD negative cattery as well as cageless. All our kittens are raised underfoot and handled extensively by children. Basic Member Upgrade

Hollow Hills Persians & Himalayans - Breeder of Top quality show Persians , Bicolors and Himalayans with outstanding CFA Pedigree. Basic Member Upgrade

SCAATYCAT PERSIANS - Specializing in chocolate and lilac! CFA registered. Show, and breeding. Raised underfoot. Basic Member Upgrade

EAGLESWINGSS - breeding all colors of Himalayan and Persians including rare Choclate and Lilac. Basic Member Upgrade

Missionhill Persians - Bi-Colour Smokes,Silver and Golden Persians and Exotics with the best personalities. PKD DNA tested and health guarantee. No ringworm, mites or parasites. Basic Member Upgrade


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Archadtz Himalayans & Persians - Working with himalayans and persians from excellent pedigrees. We strive to produce healthy show cats. Working with whites, bi-color, and all color points of himalayans. Basic Member Upgrade

Purrsnfluff - registered himalayan persians. Basic Member Upgrade

DaSilva Persians


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Chatterie Chajolie - CFA reigistered persian cattery. Felv/Fiv negative. Champion bloodline. Basic Member Upgrade

Calinour Cattery - breeder of persian and himalayan, from champion blood lines .cfa ,acfa registered,pkd...etc..negative cattery.all our angels are raised underfoot whit lots of love and attention. Basic Member Upgrade

Cattery Yeux De Feu - Persian. Basic Member Upgrade


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Angelic Angels Cattery

I'am Alone Cattery


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Cazhmere Catz - Breeding Persians and Himalayans. Specializing in Chocolate, Lilac and Blye Eye Whites. Basic Member Upgrade

MacPurrs Persians - All raised underfoot, all PKD tested by DNA and all Negative. Sometimes show kittens are available. Please have a look at my web site. I have kittens available now. Basic Member Upgrade

FurryPurrs Cattery - We breed himalayans and persians with emphasis on bi-color persians. We breed for sweet, well adjusted wonderful kittens that you will LOVE as much as we do. Basic Member Upgrade

Seelie Courr - Persian Breeder Halifax NS Specializing in Black. Basic Member Upgrade

Haro Cattery - Pure Persians since 1979. Contact us for more information. Basic Member Upgrade

Vanilla Rose Cattery - Registered Himalayan and Persian Breeder, striving to product loving, well tempered, well socialized additions to add to your family. Basic Member Upgrade

PRECIOUS PURRS - Breeder of Traditional Dollface Himalayan Cats. Basic Member Upgrade


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Ontario, CANADA
  Diane Fitzpatrick
Alfenloch Himalayan-Persians is an Ontario, Canada CFA/CCA Registered cattery specializing in chocolate, lilac, lynx and traditional colors. Our foundation is the exceptional Grand Champion bloodlines of Chamagoura, Dreamz, Steppingstone and Fur Pleasure. Our future kings are Chamagoura Purple Panther of Alfenloch (solid lilac) and Dreamz Choc'lat Chip of Alfenloch (solid chocolate). Exquisite kittens available that are DNA tested for color and genetics. Visit our website to find the wonderful kitten of your dreams. Visitors welcome by appointment.

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~ Angelspur Persians ~
Ontario, CANADA
  Shirley McCollow
Working with dazzling reds and sparkling whites in all 3 eye colours.Consistantly producing babies with big eyes and that sweet open look with short bodies and tons of coat.Outstanding personalities.Our kitties are winning in the show ring with most being grand champions and many CFA regional winners.We are the proud home of GRC angelspur call me crazy -CFA regional winner 2010-2011 and CCA's cat of the year 2011-2012.Twenty-five years of breeding and showing experience.We provide written health and genetic guarantees.Quality kittens available for show,breeding or pets.

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~ Dreamz ~
Ottawa, CANADA
  Lynn & Ben Seguin
DREAMZ HIMALAYANS - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. CFA - CCA. We specialize in extremely rare Chocolate & Lilac factored Lynx Points. Chocolate / Lilac Carriers in Lynx colors usually available. All our stock is DNA tested and PKD negative. We use top Grand Champion American and Canadian bloodlines, such as Playwickey, Lake Hyco, and Catta. We are the proud home of GC. Playwickey's Megga Rush of Dreamz, Atlantic Himalayan Club's 11 th Best Kitten 2004-05. And also GC. Lake Hyco Brown Thrasher of Dreamz, CFA's Best Chocolate Persian 2000-01. WE HAVE KITTEN ADVAILABLE NOW. We do ship to most areas.

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Tillsonburg, CANADA
  Caitlin Winn

Heart'nsoul is a small CCA and CFA registered hobby cattery located just outside of Tillsonburg, ON Canada. We are proud to say that our cattery is 100% PKD and FIV/FeLV negative. The health and well being of our cats and kittens is our number one priority. Our goal here at Heart'nsoul is to produce healthy, show quality chocolate and lilac Persians that meet the breed standard. We are working hard to omit the color point gene to produce only NON CPC Persians. Vet and past kitten buyer references available!

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~ Kittyport Cattery ~
Simcoe, CANADA
  Sheila Kicksee
We are a closed cattery breeding Persians and Himalayans for over 25 years.We strive for quality kittens with health a priority.The kittens are raised with people and handled as family members.We have a variety of colours with occasionally bi-colours as well.The kittens are vet checked and healthy with vaccines given before leaving.They are registered with CFA.We offer pet/breeder and show quality.Enquiries are welcome.

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~ PouncingPaws Cattery ~
Morrisburg, CANADA
My name is Christine and & own PouncingPaws Persians. I am a small closed CFA cattery established in 1998. My cats & kittens are raised by my hands and with my heart All of my cats are tested negative for Fungus, FIV, FelV,and DNA tested & scanned negative for PKD by UC Davis. My Persians are raised "under foot", which leads to a high level of socialization for my kittens. My main breeding goal is health, temperament, and breed standards (in that order). None of my cats are de-clawed and I do not place any of my cats in homes where this is the intention. Cats/kittens are p;aced sterilized, with a contract with a veterinary health certificate.

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  Madeleine Saunders
Stepping Stone Persians/Stepp'nstone Persians - working with national and regional winning lines. CFA and CCA registered since 1996. Working with ODD-EYE/BLUE EYED bicolours and outstanding solid colour Persians, including blue-eyed and odd-eyed whites, and the delicate pale blues, creams and blue creams. Health guaranteed - no fleas, fungus or mites.

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~ The Bird & I ~
Niagara Falls, CANADA
 Susie & Dino
The Bird & I is an exotic and persian silver and golden cattery. We are a CFA cattery of Excellence. Our breeding cats are PKD DNA tested and screened for FELV/FIV and FIP. We are ringworm free and free of mites, ear mites and fleas. Our kitties are soclialised and raised as pets.

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~Zazzles Persians ~
Fonthill, CANADA
  Brenda Frame
Small cageless cattery in the heart of Niagara. Working with Chocolates and bi colours. PKD negative and Felv/FIV negative. Grand Champion and Champion lines


The Bird & I - CFA Cattery of Excellence. Silver/golden persians and exotics. PKD DNA Negative cattery. Guarantee for FELV/FIV negative. Ringworm free. We breed for personality and health. Basic Member Upgrade

Pattikens - Breeding Persians and Himalayans CFA reg. Basic Member Upgrade

AFluffyDream - Himalayana kittens and show curtians. Basic Member Upgrade

SANDON - Basic Member Upgrade

DiamondsGems - Diamondsgems is a small Ontario breeder of Persians and Himalayans working with chocolate and lilac. We show with CFA. Basic Member Upgrade

Gepurz Persians - Small cattery, home raised, DNA PKD negative, health guarantee. Basic Member Upgrade

LittleSecret's Persians - Pure Bred Persians, with wonderful temperments. Basic Member Upgrade

SagiMurr Persians - small, home-based cattery of beautiful persians cats. CFA and CCA registered. Basic Member Upgrade

Wishnpaws Persians - Persian Kittens. Basic Member Upgrade

HEART'NSOUL PERSIANS & HIMALAYANS - Our goal here at Heart'nsoul is to produce great type in the beautiful chocolate and lilac colouring. We are a 100% FIV/FeLV and PKD DNA negative cattery. Pet, Breeder & Show Available. Basic Member Upgrade

Kittyport Cattery - CFA registered Persian and Himalayan cattery. Working with top blood lines! Over 25 years experience in showing and breeding these beautiful cats! Basic Member Upgrade

BlueSky Cattery - Specializing in White and Silver Persians. Basic Member Upgrade

SagiMurr - Home based cattery of beautiful persian cats. CFA & CCA registered. Raised under the foot. Basic Member Upgrade


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Angelichat - Small cattery of himalayan and CPC persian show quality cats. Basic Member Upgrade

EmeraldCats Cattery - Cattery of silver, golden & blue golden persian. Basic Member Upgrade



Bahraini Kiss - Persians:tabby, solid,bicolor with blue or odd eyes!! Basic Member Upgrade

Cachabelle - Persan exotique long hair, chinchilla, smoke. Basic Member Upgrade


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EndlessSkies Cattery - Breeding beautiful healthy Persians and Himalayns for pet, breeder or show. We are a small cattery with a limited number of kittens each year. Our kittens are raised in our home, and under foot. Basic Member Upgrade

ShallAdore Cats - Loving Gentle Himalayan and Persian Kittens with Wide Eyed Expressions and Gentle Loving Dispositions raise with lots of care and attention. ShallAdore is a Registered Cattery with TICA and CFA. Basic Member Upgrade


Canada - No Province Specified

Cherdens Persians

Cleopatra Persians


Kyaleen Persians

MacPurrs Persians

Rolyt Persians and Himalayans


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